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How To Display/Hide Your Toolbar

Note: The following instructions are designed for Internet Explorer 5.0 (IE). If you have a different version of IE, these instructions may still be of some use to you.

Many times users will want the toolbars at the top of the IE window to be hidden or displayed; depending on preference.  The steps below will show you how to set the toolbar the way you prefer it.

  1. Load Internet Explorer as you normally would.

  2. Next, determine which toolbar you would like to display or hide.  Below is a list of the different names of the toolbars and their functions so that you will know what to select.

    Standard Buttons: The picture buttons at the top that perform functions such as Back, Forward, and Refresh.  

    Address Bar: The white horizontal bar that displays the URL of the website you are currently at and where you can type in the address of a Web site you want to go to.

    Links: A drop-down menu that gives you quick access to sites. 

    Radio: Control and selection ability of radio stations to listen to over the Internet.

  3. Once you have determined which one you want to select, click once on "View" on the top toolbar (between "Edit" and "Favorites").  Then click on the first option, "Toolbars", and click on the toolbar you want to toggle.  If there is a check mark next to it that means that certain toolbar is currently being displayed.

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